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Marcus Nyberg, Grundare NPT

"Nature's resources are not infinite. We have to find ways to use what we already have instead of producing new clothes"

Marcus Nyberg, founder NPT


Vit vintage t-shirt med NPT tryck
Röd vintage t-shirt med NPT "barret" tryck
Blå vintage t-shirt med NPT "barret" tryck
Svart vintage t-shirt med NPT"barret" tryck
tejp med budskap
Ali Boulala porträttbild
Vit vintage t-shirt med Ali Boulala tryck

Ali Boulala

Sweden's most influential skateboarding pro. Anyone who has been skateboarding for the past thirty years knows who Ali Boulala is. His exceptional talent led him to become a professional skateboarder at the age of 16. "I choose to be part of NO PALM TREES because I believe the world is in need of a new way of looking at fashion. Old clothes are much cooler than new!"

Ingemar Backman entered the history books with a crazy backside air in Riksgränsen in 1996. Together with No Palm Trees, Ingemar has designed his own print of the character and Ingemar's alter ego - Gorg. And as Ingemar says, "Old things have a valuable history and an energy that you don't find in new things. The environmental aspect is something we all have to think about as well. That is why I like and support the NPT”

Ingemar Backman porträttbild
Blå vintage t-shirt med Ingemar backmans "Gorg" print
Bandet Millencolin
Blå vintage t-shirt med Millencolin tryck


The skatepunk band from Örebro that has played together for over 30 years has now joined No Palm Trees to print merch in a more sustainable way.

Affisch No palm Trees
Affisch No Palm Trees
Affisch No Palm Trees
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